Sonic Week 6.5: Bumpy Rides

BPM slows tempo on the final track from their no-boundaries bass compilation Kaizen Movements Vol I, coming up for one grand and busty melodic breath with the Benjha original “Lighthouse Blues.” Like a final scene or the last chapter in a tale of splits, it punches our sights upward and out of  those muggy memory caves with deep techno rhythms, … Continue reading

Sonic Week 3.31: Burn & Lay

Trance echos and a warped Alt-J surface bring about mystery and vocal wonder on “Far From The Tree,” a spotlight track off Bob Moses’ latest EP. House music curiously continues from Madmotormiquel, the Berlin producer who speaks through ominous repetitions on the jazz combo “Daddy Are You Proud.” Always provocative English jazz and electronic group The Cinematic … Continue reading

Egokind- Diamond Days EP

Jan Hammele is Egokind, Berlin’s ripening minimal techno producer of only 23 years. He’s been sharing music since 2012, culminating in a crowded Soundcloud page that knows how to keep our attention. Every original, remix and set finds a means to originality through impulsive tempos and saturated melodic hardware. He joins Cologne label Traum (Extrawelt, Max Cooper) for … Continue reading

Sonic Week 12.24: Shuffle & Nog

Boozy egg nog and happily bumping speakers, this Christmas is for shuffling around an empty house to some of the biggest tech-house music from this year. Celebrate with silk pajama piano pieces and your brand new pair of giftwrapped Sennheisers. Gifted with love for only you. Robot Needs Oil goes vogue with its hyperindie name, … Continue reading

Stereoclip- Hometown

Take Off, eavesdrop, bass drop, go. Warmth and deep sea rhythms define the sound on Stereoclip’s debut release this month, Hometown. It’s a gift for those who have been following his small collection of Soundcloud songs, most of which catapulted into my lap via the same French lady who introduced me to Nicolas Jaar. Stereoclip, a … Continue reading

Sonic Week 11.7: Friday Inspira/fuck

A journey into your Friday night, beginning with an old but clever track from Clown and Sunset’s 20 year old Soul Keita, following suit with a swarming fresh catch by Axel Bowman that doesn’t fully climax until the fabulously giant fifth minute. Booka Shade’s big tune techno takes a turn towards hotel parties on it’s … Continue reading

Sonic Week 10.22: Creative Percussion

Acid Pauli plucks dry the sound of distant South American samples, morphing hollow tribal beats into tender, complex, oscillating layers. Henrik Schwarz continues with vocal zipper melodies, remodeling these once childish play noises into calculated, persistent additions to a speeding thematic crescendo. Glory to wobbling additive meters, building its techno pleasure points tenfold. Ta-ku explores … Continue reading

Moderat- II

German techno is always deeper than a casual listener claims it to be. Moderat’s visionary II broken down below, originally written for PMA: Moderat is a trio of German producers united by a love for Detroit techno, sharing recording equipment and separate but congruent involvement in the East Berlin techno warehouse revival after the fall … Continue reading