Sonic Week 4.6: Layered State

His dreams, as they looked to her beside him, were full of mismatched anxiety. Fears rearranged under flickering eyelids, former relationships and failures weaving the texture of his subconscious mind. There are active functions shifting in these observable moments between sleep and waking. As sleep initiates his escape from common reality, dreams ping push him through the deep-eyed … Continue reading

Sonic Week 8.5: Sensory Sap

To be so lucky to be so lucky. Ushered by warm silence through doors creaking with intention to fasten a mood to your spongy shell, and while it drips its potency reveals itself, sharing tremendous power and potential beside the equally harrowing shards of fear: don’t tip toe through the years. We wander inside music’s … Continue reading

Sonic Week 12.24: Shuffle & Nog

Boozy egg nog and happily bumping speakers, this Christmas is for shuffling around an empty house to some of the biggest tech-house music from this year. Celebrate with silk pajama piano pieces and your brand new pair of giftwrapped Sennheisers. Gifted with love for only you. Robot Needs Oil goes vogue with its hyperindie name, … Continue reading