Sonic Week 8.3.16: Numb Rat Tap

You are a diamond, dulled only by lethargic rays and generic proposals.


Sonic Week 5.14: Crunchy & Crass

Hip hop is about breathing confidence, catching onto rhythms that ride high, rappers that infect and inflame our own long and tall strides. Wordplay so phonetically pleasing and inspirations so poetically driven- finding good hip hop can make everything else seem lazy and grey. Match that quality to an ambitious beat and drive. Mindsone and … Continue reading

Valentin Stip- Sigh

A Nicolas Jaar backing is viral gold in the electronic music community. Jaar’s unique command of sultry, bass-driven minimalism has effectively guaranteed the relevance of anyone tied to his serial label, Other People. Valentin Stip, known for heavy moods and bizarre melody methods on previous EPs, has chosen to pursue a dimly lit, conceptual sound … Continue reading

Sonic Week 11.24: Curious Arousal

“Sometimes our dreams are so brilliant and our desires so mysterious that we lock them deep inside ourselves to feed and play with only when we sleep…  As if acknowledging them in waking life will betray the veil of control we shroud around our lives.” –MIH bio The value of subconscious arousal is nothing to … Continue reading