Beatport’s Summer Sol by Sol Selectas

Sol Selectas Records, the NYC electronic label specializing in tribal dance music, deep house, and folkloric rhythms, released the ultimate summer movement & chill playlist on June 21. Featuring multi-cultural sounds and samples from producers all around the world, Summer Sol runs over 2 hours through the dives of foreign, melodic soundscape, inviting us to sizzle … Continue reading

The Chaos & Unconventional Beauty of DADRAS

This is what we mean when we ask for something new. A mint lineup of sounds that wax and wane from left to on point, an indecisive strength that screams like radical harvest on the DL. Loud dubs and heavy noise, unrestrained and graciously so. A warm tempo and rising wild on “Faust” feel the way that The … Continue reading

Welcome to the Future with Moog Ground

Welcome to the Future with Moog Ground :: Monthlong Residency at Rough Trade NYC Plus an exclusive interview with Moog mastermind, Emmy Parker (Brand Director, Moog Music & Moogfest) Interview & Photos by Tiffany Wen (@Groovenik) The future is here and we’ve got Moog Music to thank for picking Brooklyn as their lucky host. Sure, … Continue reading

Sisyphus- Sisyphus

“Yo enough about me though, you got a favorite game show?/Mine is called ‘I’m involved’/But nothing that the Manic Pixie Dream Girl can’t solve/Nothing that’s organic is impossible to dissolve” Sisyphus is a particularly genius fusion of three unique varieties of music. Son Lux brings the experimental post-rock backings, Sufjan Stevens the hooks, ballad chord … Continue reading

Why We Create Music: Finding a Story for the Future of Music

“I truly believe people are very afraid in this life.” –NYC filmmaker and composer Michael Marantz, explaining his motivation to inspire. He’s referring to the fear of pursuing an unfamiliar instinct, or the fear of finding a story within yourself powerful enough to create unwanted turbulence. The pursuit of a foggy future in place of … Continue reading