Persian Empire- Mongo Maracuja

Persian Empire is Sam Khatam, a young German producer who builds harmonic compositions with home recordings, edited samples, synths, deep bass beats and manipulated vocals. His sounds lend familiarity to the elegant electronic complexion of producers like N’to, Son Lux and Jai Paul, but his rhythms and cuts paint a unique tint for that fresh audio … Continue reading

Sonic Week 5.1: Pretty Quartz Music

Beneath Asheville there’s a physiographic vein– part of the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains province- breathing and exploding with life so slowly that our tiny lifespans can’t even begin to comprehend. The gem and mineral life endures transformations that mirror our own, and a metaphysical relationship to them exists strongly in regions above these veins. Everything is … Continue reading

Sonic Week 3.31: Burn & Lay

Trance echos and a warped Alt-J surface bring about mystery and vocal wonder on “Far From The Tree,” a spotlight track off Bob Moses’ latest EP. House music curiously continues from Madmotormiquel, the Berlin producer who speaks through ominous repetitions on the jazz combo “Daddy Are You Proud.” Always provocative English jazz and electronic group The Cinematic … Continue reading

Egokind- Diamond Days EP

Jan Hammele is Egokind, Berlin’s ripening minimal techno producer of only 23 years. He’s been sharing music since 2012, culminating in a crowded Soundcloud page that knows how to keep our attention. Every original, remix and set finds a means to originality through impulsive tempos and saturated melodic hardware. He joins Cologne label Traum (Extrawelt, Max Cooper) for … Continue reading

Stereoclip- Hometown

Take Off, eavesdrop, bass drop, go. Warmth and deep sea rhythms define the sound on Stereoclip’s debut release this month, Hometown. It’s a gift for those who have been following his small collection of Soundcloud songs, most of which catapulted into my lap via the same French lady who introduced me to Nicolas Jaar. Stereoclip, a … Continue reading