Beatport’s Summer Sol by Sol Selectas

Sol Selectas Records, the NYC electronic label specializing in tribal dance music, deep house, and folkloric rhythms, released the ultimate summer movement & chill playlist on June 21. Featuring multi-cultural sounds and samples from producers all around the world, Summer Sol runs over 2 hours through the dives of foreign, melodic soundscape, inviting us to sizzle … Continue reading

Sonic Week 3.24: Lust Cave

Classical meets glitch on Max Cooper’s collaboration with pianist Tom Hodges. Producing semi-randomized sounds from a first piano draft and outside recordings, a base which was then used to structure another draft of piano accompaniment, and so on for cycles until the auditory gouging of “Fragments of Self” emerged. Chicago’s Dre Green and Jeremiah Meece peek … Continue reading

Nicola Cruz and Minimal Imagination

Let’s go on a walk. It’s down a road that smells like travel and liberation. The stars remind you of another faraway place, but your senses insist that this warm air is new. Keep going, don’t stop. Drink lots of water and let the bits that bother you do their thing. Nothing matters because you’re … Continue reading