Sonic Week 3.9: Blueberry Punch

Punctual breaths, heating lips and roaring mouths, crying for love or change or both, sipping smoothies through the paranoia in a candy game mall. Eyes shift to the angle of vibration taking shape in conversation’s space. Find the source and shake it off but nothing catches spray, droplets stagnant in space time freeze for the duration … Continue reading

Sonic Week 4.17: Skin Up

No, you. You do it better. This week is all about fav hip hop tracks from the past few weeks, from the only genre that truly doesn’t give a shit about detailing the smokable inspiration lining a day in crew life. Danny Brown re-releases a new version of “Contra” produced by Mello Music Group’s star … Continue reading

L’Orange- The Orchid Days

“You would remember her. Your second person. You’d count blessings and beating hearts and follow lifelines like callused palm readers. You’d trust in the earth beneath you. You’d trust in the stars we’re made of. But then. It came and chose. When time was measured in heartbeats per minute, you found warmth. Darkness crept in. … Continue reading

L’Orange & Stik Figa- The City Under The City

Noir soundscapes and verses to trance or walk or wake to. Dark bass beats that string hip hop heads up and down. Eccentric and melodically collected producer L’Orange (bottom photo) plays with swing-noir samples and J Dilla beat knockery. Wax Tailor, here’s your mentor. A long-time collaborator with N. Carolina hometown lyricist Stik Figa (top), the … Continue reading