Temecula Colors :: Moments of Lighting in a Bottle 2013

The idea of traveling across the USA to fabulous Los Angeles runs romantic until the lengthy journey back- where the Nebraska fields embody infinity and the insides of a Greyhound bus clutter with underslept toddlers and a hellish mixture of toothless country boys and antagonistic runaways. When feeling especially isolated, which crowds of impolite strangers … Continue reading

FESTIVAL // LIGHTING IN A BOTTLE 2013: A Truly Enlightening Trip

* UPDATE * Read live coverage from the festival here * JULY 11-15, 2013 // Temecula, CA // 60 mi outside Los Angeles The Do LaB (Coachella) and Southern California host Lightning In A Bottle 2013, the region’s purest and most creatively extravagant festival of the summer. Attendees can explore a 5 day celebration of art, music, … Continue reading