Sonic Week 3.9: Blueberry Punch

Punctual breaths, heating lips and roaring mouths, crying for love or change or both, sipping smoothies through the paranoia in a candy game mall. Eyes shift to the angle of vibration taking shape in conversation’s space. Find the source and shake it off but nothing catches spray, droplets stagnant in space time freeze for the duration … Continue reading

Sonic Week 5.14: Crunchy & Crass

Hip hop is about breathing confidence, catching onto rhythms that ride high, rappers that infect and inflame our own long and tall strides. Wordplay so phonetically pleasing and inspirations so poetically driven- finding good hip hop can make everything else seem lazy and grey. Match that quality to an ambitious beat and drive. Mindsone and … Continue reading

Sonic Week 11.7: Friday Inspira/fuck

A journey into your Friday night, beginning with an old but clever track from Clown and Sunset’s 20 year old Soul Keita, following suit with a swarming fresh catch by Axel Bowman that doesn’t fully climax until the fabulously giant fifth minute. Booka Shade’s big tune techno takes a turn towards hotel parties on it’s … Continue reading