Best of Soundcloud 2015 | Sonic Week Stardom

Nosferatune ‘likes’ and Sonic Week bests have led us here, to our end of year 2015 favorites collection. Call it the Ultimate Sonic Week Playlist, as it contains loads of future beats and hip hop diamonds, a handful of vocally dominating indie-folk gems, modern piano stories, harmonies stacked to kill — all with that Chicago … Continue reading

Sonic Week 10.3: Lacy Haze

Crooked, cracked out charm, whiny creaks in doors and those gaseous melodies festering through — this is how we feel when we wake with smokey mouths and silently revel in the fragrant and peculiar pleasures of last night.  How many crashing thunders of bass and tips of tempo defiance can a woman take before her … Continue reading

Sonic Week 3.24: Lust Cave

Classical meets glitch on Max Cooper’s collaboration with pianist Tom Hodges. Producing semi-randomized sounds from a first piano draft and outside recordings, a base which was then used to structure another draft of piano accompaniment, and so on for cycles until the auditory gouging of “Fragments of Self” emerged. Chicago’s Dre Green and Jeremiah Meece peek … Continue reading