Sisyphus- Sisyphus

“Yo enough about me though, you got a favorite game show?/Mine is called ‘I’m involved’/But nothing that the Manic Pixie Dream Girl can’t solve/Nothing that’s organic is impossible to dissolve” Sisyphus is a particularly genius fusion of three unique varieties of music. Son Lux brings the experimental post-rock backings, Sufjan Stevens the hooks, ballad chord … Continue reading

Sonic Week 1.28: Beat Seat

Beat your slushy path to the seat heat for a hip hop playlist that’s as verbose as it is versatile, grounded always in gold beats. Chicago’s very own Tree comes up twice on Beat Seat, first with the bare-boned and catchy “Probably Nu It” and later on the raspy soul trap signature “God Like.” A rolling … Continue reading

Why? Live at Lincoln Hall

“Blowin’ kisses to disinterested bitches/Playing lead lay in a bad way on Broadway/Sending sexy SMS’ to my ex’s new man/’cause I can.” I’ve waited to see the shamelessly profane poetry of Why? for years; read my review on Pop ‘stache or below: Why? has traversed through hip-hop’s edgy and dark, carelessly profane, daily and mundane … Continue reading