Beatport’s Summer Sol by Sol Selectas

Sol Selectas Records, the NYC electronic label specializing in tribal dance music, deep house, and folkloric rhythms, released the ultimate summer movement & chill playlist on June 21. Featuring multi-cultural sounds and samples from producers all around the world, Summer Sol runs over 2 hours through the dives of foreign, melodic soundscape, inviting us to sizzle … Continue reading

Sonic Wek 2.17: Interruptive Sleep

My Anxieties no longer distract me from the joy of being. This Sonic Week Playlist goes out to every night your lids lost weight under the glare of an anti-hero. Featuring tracks by Grave Goods and Lucy Stone, Neue Grafik, Persian Empire, Whereisalex, Via Rosa, Stray, Ouska, Glenn Astro, Satori, Acid Pauli, Boathouse, EeMu, Stimming, Sevdaliza, … Continue reading

Sonic Week 10.22: Creative Percussion

Acid Pauli plucks dry the sound of distant South American samples, morphing hollow tribal beats into tender, complex, oscillating layers. Henrik Schwarz continues with vocal zipper melodies, remodeling these once childish play noises into calculated, persistent additions to a speeding thematic crescendo. Glory to wobbling additive meters, building its techno pleasure points tenfold. Ta-ku explores … Continue reading

Sonic Week 8.14: Tinkers/Wavy Minimal/Hip Hop


Starting with catchy minimal waves and ending with shiny hip hop- enjoy the sweet finds of this week:

Temecula Colors :: Moments of Lighting in a Bottle 2013

The idea of traveling across the USA to fabulous Los Angeles runs romantic until the lengthy journey back- where the Nebraska fields embody infinity and the insides of a Greyhound bus clutter with underslept toddlers and a hellish mixture of toothless country boys and antagonistic runaways. When feeling especially isolated, which crowds of impolite strangers … Continue reading