“Bully Clouds” by HOMME – Live from the End of The World

Nosferatune Presents… HOMME live in New Orleans. There’s this place in NOLA called the End of The World, where people gather to party at night on the grassy shores of a Mississippi curve. During the day it’s bright, but still feels colored with magic and secrecy, set back a good walk from any road or … Continue reading

VIDEO PREMIERE: Teddy & Berit Live from Revolution Brewing

Nosferatune Presents…   Up above the stein-clinking bar of Revolution beers exists a wooden lounge for the ages — a place to exchange vows, cheers at the holidays with office cats, and gather for a good cause. Sometimes, when it’s empty, you hear voices belting through the chambers of its warm barrel walls. Teddy and … Continue reading

VIDEO PREMIERE: AmbI Lyrics X Mosher Show

It’s a sunny Chicago day and Mosher Show visits AmbI Lyrics‘ house to paint a mural on her wall, the future home of Soul Food Sundays and creativity haven for networking and visual/musical expression. Watch Mosher piece together a spin on two of his iconic spray characters to the elegant and mystic beat of AmbI … Continue reading

VIDEO PREMIERE: Chicago Fresh Ep2: Shlick Smit

He hops from coast to coast, but holds strong connections in Chicago along the way. Meet Shlick Smit, an MC with a mission to express himself through rhythm and poetry if nowhere else will listen. On the daily, he works his flow with others to BUILD like it’s never been done before, leaving each town better … Continue reading

VIDEO PREMIERE: Chicago Fresh Ep1: [dope] TENNIS SHOES

Nosferatune debuts its Chicago artist showcase series — Chicago Fresh — with an intimate video of Tennis Shoes, a musician bound only for the no-boundaries, future-sound hip hop cry. Falsetto soliloquies churn into rapping poetry before we can even put our sneaks into a shoebox on the closet shelf. Get familiar with the softer side … Continue reading

VIDEO: The Meta Modular Project

The Meta Modular Project is an experiment in redefining musical collaboration. Inspired by Moogfest’s interactive design, this project recorded sound clips from festival goers experimenting on equipment inside the Modular Marketplace. All audio tracks recorded were then sent to music producers to create an original Moogfest song. The results are true examples of crowdsourcing sounds, … Continue reading

Why We Create Music: Finding a Story for the Future of Music

“I truly believe people are very afraid in this life.” –NYC filmmaker and composer Michael Marantz, explaining his motivation to inspire. He’s referring to the fear of pursuing an unfamiliar instinct, or the fear of finding a story within yourself powerful enough to create unwanted turbulence. The pursuit of a foggy future in place of … Continue reading

FESTIVAL // LIGHTING IN A BOTTLE 2013: A Truly Enlightening Trip

* UPDATE * Read live coverage from the festival here * JULY 11-15, 2013 // Temecula, CA // 60 mi outside Los Angeles The Do LaB (Coachella) and Southern California host Lightning In A Bottle 2013, the region’s purest and most creatively extravagant festival of the summer. Attendees can explore a 5 day celebration of art, music, … Continue reading

Remsy Atassi’s The Liar

Chicago filmmakers Rami and Remsy Atassi present an independent short film called The Liar, which from initial conception to current pre-production wrap has risen to the challenge of film’s competitive industry. It’s a project mid-production, bred from a love for the cerebral and passion for cinematography. It currently needs about 75% more of its $5,000 Kickstarter goal by … Continue reading

Sigur Rós – Fjögur píanó

Shia LaBeouf’s nudity is all the talk over this avant-garde music video, directed by Alma Har’el for Sigur Rós’s “Fjögur píanó.” The 8 minute project is the third installment in the Sigur Rós Mystery Film Experiment series. It’s meaning is vague and certainly open to interpretation, however it seems it could illustrate the progressions of addiction, the existence … Continue reading