Monte Booker | Two Beats Ahead of the Game

A truly fresh sound, despite the thousands of new producers who emerge on Soundcloud every week, doesn’t come around too often. When you do find one, marked by a consistent and emotional flair on bedroom uploads or an unfamiliar and exceptional charm to big name releases, cherish that sound. It’s jarring and packed with beats, pauses, and ribbons … Continue reading

Tambour – Chapitre I

Sucking fresh breaths from Montreal’s classical music scene is Simon P. Castonguay, better known with thick keys below hands as Tambour. Chapitre I is made of 4 visceral scenes of music, and it’s a contemplative treat for any time, any day, any place, and anyone. Composed to the tune of exploration, Chapitre I is for those who delight in … Continue reading

Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment – Surf

What is it about this man, Chance the Rapper. And his SoX crew of warm, soul-composing heroes proposing musical strength through simplicity, quirky street harmonies, and real conversation swept up in valiant wordplay. It seems they do everything to spread the positive energy and freshly juiced smiles around. When I listen to Chance and SoX productions, I feel the … Continue reading

The Chaos & Unconventional Beauty of DADRAS

This is what we mean when we ask for something new. A mint lineup of sounds that wax and wane from left to on point, an indecisive strength that screams like radical harvest on the DL. Loud dubs and heavy noise, unrestrained and graciously so. A warm tempo and rising wild on “Faust” feel the way that The … Continue reading

DJ Shadow- Liquid Amber

Liquid Amber, DJ Shadow’s gluminous new EP, is the first public introduction to his new record label of the same name, and his first musical delivery since 2011’s The Less You Know, The Better. Conquering the industrial slant of future bass with chemical soundplay and a reputable minor melody- designed to keep feelings real and hook chins … Continue reading

Riding Frequencies with Fyu-Jon

A member of Brighton’s wavy electronic music scene, Fyu-Jon (Luke Thomas) produces music on wandering, emotive, and dark function mode. Melodies maintain but take form in odd scrapyard bass chunks and punchy percussion samples. Fyu-Jon’s music is minimal but saturated, building with eccentric soundbites not unlike the swelling synths in a Caribou song or the … Continue reading

Nicola Cruz and Minimal Imagination

Let’s go on a walk. It’s down a road that smells like travel and liberation. The stars remind you of another faraway place, but your senses insist that this warm air is new. Keep going, don’t stop. Drink lots of water and let the bits that bother you do their thing. Nothing matters because you’re … Continue reading

Sonic Week 11.7: Friday Inspira/fuck

A journey into your Friday night, beginning with an old but clever track from Clown and Sunset’s 20 year old Soul Keita, following suit with a swarming fresh catch by Axel Bowman that doesn’t fully climax until the fabulously giant fifth minute. Booka Shade’s big tune techno takes a turn towards hotel parties on it’s … Continue reading

L’Orange & Stik Figa- The City Under The City

Noir soundscapes and verses to trance or walk or wake to. Dark bass beats that string hip hop heads up and down. Eccentric and melodically collected producer L’Orange (bottom photo) plays with swing-noir samples and J Dilla beat knockery. Wax Tailor, here’s your mentor. A long-time collaborator with N. Carolina hometown lyricist Stik Figa (top), the … Continue reading

PHOTOS: Man Man @ JBTV 10/14/13