Monte Booker | Two Beats Ahead of the Game

A truly fresh sound, despite the thousands of new producers who emerge on Soundcloud every week, doesn’t come around too often. When you do find one, marked by a consistent and emotional flair on bedroom uploads or an unfamiliar and exceptional charm to big name releases, cherish that sound. It’s jarring and packed with beats, pauses, and ribbons … Continue reading

VIDEO PREMIERE: Chicago Fresh Ep1: [dope] TENNIS SHOES

Nosferatune debuts its Chicago artist showcase series — Chicago Fresh — with an intimate video of Tennis Shoes, a musician bound only for the no-boundaries, future-sound hip hop cry. Falsetto soliloquies churn into rapping poetry before we can even put our sneaks into a shoebox on the closet shelf. Get familiar with the softer side … Continue reading

The Palmer Squares

Read about my conversation with these guys here and on Pop ‘stache. On Chicago’s northwest side, two lyrical hypnotics named Acumental (AC) and Terminal Knowledge (Term-K) reside. Together known as The Palmer Squares, they’re catering a crisp and refreshingly aware taste to the abundant crew of hip hop artists emerging as of late. Like their … Continue reading

Zazí Live at De Engelenbak

Three Dutch beauties and an entirely unique approach to arranging classical instruments. Read my review below, as well as feature biography for their website. Like caviar to the ears: Trio Zazí consists of three absolutely charming and musically fluent ladies from the Netherlands: Dafne Holtland, Margriet Planting and Sabien Bosselaar. Main ingredients to their unique sound are … Continue reading