PHOTOS: The O’My’s @ Wicker Park Fest 2015

Every time I see The O’My’s, I wonder how their sound hasn’t looped around the world yet. Chicago hardly even knows about how good this music is — Wicker Park Fest might’ve been packed last Saturday, but these six brass-crooning, soul-feelin’ purveyors of modern blues deserve a larger audience for the vibes they throw down live. Maceo … Continue reading

VIDEO: The Meta Modular Project

The Meta Modular Project is an experiment in redefining musical collaboration. Inspired by Moogfest’s interactive design, this project recorded sound clips from festival goers experimenting on equipment inside the Modular Marketplace. All audio tracks recorded were then sent to music producers to create an original Moogfest song. The results are true examples of crowdsourcing sounds, … Continue reading

The Future of Technology is Here, and It’s Sensitive

The future of technology is here, and it’s sensitive. Like don’t touch me down there, I’m not ready quite yet sensitive. Like I have serious feelings, dripping from my eyes to the pit of my stomach, and I can convey that for you sensitive. Amidst this waterfall of rapid technological innovation, a much bolder front … Continue reading

A Complete Photo Guide to Moogfest

Photos by Groovenik (Tiffany Wen). Click & arrow to begin:

Mix Master Mike and The Gaslamp Killer Win Friday at Moogfest

In one night, we caught Mix Master Mike, Darkstar, Kraftwerk,  TOKiMONSTA, The Gaslamp Killer and Dillon Francis. I’m not sure how we moved our legs at the end of it, but I can say there was this switch force defiant of bodily rest that instituted a mad energy within us, through to the messy ends … Continue reading

Shigeto and Awesome Tapes From Africa Win Thursday at Moogfest

An anxious Zachary Shigeto Saginaw came onto the stage Thursday night at Orange Peel, one of the larger venues in downtown Asheville. To ensure he made the performance, Moogfest scooped him from his late flight and took him directly to the stage. Each song was a monstrous crescendo, distinguished from studio tracks with a live drumset … Continue reading

Moogfest 2014: A Nosferatune Playlist

  In about one week we’ll be heading to Moogfest in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountainside city of Asheville, NC. The tech-inspired music festival will host some of the world’s most innovative music producers by night and an intensely interesting lineup of speakers, workshops and engagement programming by day. To say we’re excited to cover … Continue reading

Welcome to the Future with Moog Ground

Welcome to the Future with Moog Ground :: Monthlong Residency at Rough Trade NYC Plus an exclusive interview with Moog mastermind, Emmy Parker (Brand Director, Moog Music & Moogfest) Interview & Photos by Tiffany Wen (@Groovenik) The future is here and we’ve got Moog Music to thank for picking Brooklyn as their lucky host. Sure, … Continue reading

Moogfest 2014: 15 Musicians You’d Be Batshit Crazy Not To See

We’ve finally finished sorting through the adventurous lineup that is Moogfest 2014, and it’s fair to conclude that Asheville, NC is the only place you really need to be this April. It’s the most adventurous lineup of big and small talent to show itself yet this year, and its emphasis on the future of technology, art and music … Continue reading

Moogfest 2014: Asheville to Host Tech-Inspired Electronic Music Festival

And they’re going about it in all the right ways. Rad location? Check. Adventurous Lineup? Check. Daytime programming that’s just as appealing as nightly performances? CHECK. We are going and you’re welcome to come along, too. Follow us as we sift through a densely packed lineup over the next 6 weeks with featured artists, workshops, … Continue reading