HOMME | Live & Wise at Hideout Chicago

HOMME — Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart — performed for a sold out show at the Hideout in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood this past Tuesday night. For those who knew the duo, this steal of a show at $5 was an absolute must-see. Everyone else who ended up there left with a dazed and profound sparkle in their … Continue reading

PHOTOS: The O’My’s @ Wicker Park Fest 2015

Every time I see The O’My’s, I wonder how their sound hasn’t looped around the world yet. Chicago hardly even knows about how good this music is — Wicker Park Fest might’ve been packed last Saturday, but these six brass-crooning, soul-feelin’ purveyors of modern blues deserve a larger audience for the vibes they throw down live. Maceo … Continue reading

PHOTOS: Auggie the 9th, Blakass Westley, Rich Jones at Tonic Room 12.17.14

Auggie the 9th, Blakass Westley, and DJ Miranda rocked a tight-knit house this past Wednesday at Tonic Room. Jumping on stage after Ace da Vinci, they opened for Rich Jones (of Second City Citizens) and The Whoevers, stitching a fine night in the fabric of Chicago’s rich hip hop scene. The bar stage, standing less than … Continue reading

PHOTOS: Tennis Shoes Live at Empty Bottle 12.10.14

The Empty Bottle this past Wednesday opened house to a vibrant community of local hip hop enthusiasts. J.A. Grimms & Blacknight, Solarfive, and David Ashley (of Chi collective Jody) brought their energy to the small, cool-lit stage of Western Avenue’s coziest dive venue. Fans caught and drove the night, jumping in squads of ecstasy and supporting their … Continue reading

PHOTOS: The Palmer Squares, Shlick Smit, Benny Els, Rabbi Darkside @ Abbey Pub 7/17/14

LA-based hip hop builder Shlick Smit put a show together at Chicago’s Abbey Pub last Thursday. Benny Els and Rabbi Darkside came from Brooklyn and The Palmer Squares are Chicago born and raised. Beyond the unique styles of each bill player, they all brought a common rhythmic energy to the intimate crowd of bouncing hands … Continue reading

A Complete Photo Guide to Moogfest

Photos by Groovenik (Tiffany Wen). Click & arrow to begin:

Shigeto and Awesome Tapes From Africa Win Thursday at Moogfest

An anxious Zachary Shigeto Saginaw came onto the stage Thursday night at Orange Peel, one of the larger venues in downtown Asheville. To ensure he made the performance, Moogfest scooped him from his late flight and took him directly to the stage. Each song was a monstrous crescendo, distinguished from studio tracks with a live drumset … Continue reading

Mount Kimbie Live at Lincoln Hall

“I never know / I’d rather never know / I’d rather live my life in ignorance than ever know.” -Jonwayne (live verse on “You Took Your Time”) Kai of Mount Kimbie thinks Blood Sugar Sex Magik is the album to make love to. After an interview earlier in the day fell through, this was what … Continue reading

Temecula Colors :: Moments of Lighting in a Bottle 2013

The idea of traveling across the USA to fabulous Los Angeles runs romantic until the lengthy journey back- where the Nebraska fields embody infinity and the insides of a Greyhound bus clutter with underslept toddlers and a hellish mixture of toothless country boys and antagonistic runaways. When feeling especially isolated, which crowds of impolite strangers … Continue reading

Why? Live at Lincoln Hall

“Blowin’ kisses to disinterested bitches/Playing lead lay in a bad way on Broadway/Sending sexy SMS’ to my ex’s new man/’cause I can.” I’ve waited to see the shamelessly profane poetry of Why? for years; read my review on Pop ‘stache or below: Why? has traversed through hip-hop’s edgy and dark, carelessly profane, daily and mundane … Continue reading