Sonic Week 8.3.16: Numb Rat Tap


Floss. Sunscreen. Stretch, in the morning.

Petrified muscles cracking like sticks for an evening fire. Flex like a triangle, dream of prisms. You are.

You are a diamond, dulled only by lethargic rays and generic proposals. Dream bigger, like your forefather cuts taught you. Make veins from mountains. Purple swirl wet dreams for bandwagon witches. This is you, growing up in the dark, precious stone you mend me by being your baddest you. Stretch your power with the morning sun — the color of patience. Sing hate to your pain like a lullaby. Play like every hour is golden. Exhale, tale of morning reformed. Stretch.

This Sonic Week Playlist is of the experimental electronic variety, meant to relax and stimulate you simultaneously. Versace Lettuce brings us Kupla and Whynnel, thanks for the intense selection and legendary name. Find beats & unique rhythms from Morimoto, LANE, j^p^n, Ikotu, Flores, Maths Time Joy (never does wrong), Zack Sekoff, Thundercat, Stimming, Walla C, DJ Shadow, Persian Empire, Om, and High Water.


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