Beatport’s Summer Sol by Sol Selectas


Sol Selectas Records, the NYC electronic label specializing in tribal dance music, deep house, and folkloric rhythms, released the ultimate summer movement & chill playlist on June 21. Featuring multi-cultural sounds and samples from producers all around the world, Summer Sol runs over 2 hours through the dives of foreign, melodic soundscape, inviting us to sizzle in hot & sunny minimalism. It’s a rich backdrop to park days, organic contemplation, and the journey of purposeful relaxation that summer days are often made for.

Expect stimulating vocals and driving rhythms on almost every one of Summer Sol‘s 21 tracks, as they roll together into a seamless, addictive mix. With Sol Selectas’ re-launch last year, sound selections are newly focused on deep shamanic dance music, “guiding its listeners into the future with positive intention.”

Sol Selectas started in 2006 by DJ Sabo, a staple in the electronic dance community known for standout sets at festivals like Further Future, Burning Man’s Robot Heart, and Lightning in a Bottle. In addition to featuring up-and-coming musicians, Sol Selectas connects with prominent producers known for sculpting exceptional sounds: Acid Pauli, Nico Stojan, Canson, Til Von Sein, Nicola Cruz, Richie Hawtin, Joseph Capriati, Claude Von Stroke, Tigerskin, Joyce Muniz, Oscar G, Lazaro Casanova, LUM, Curses, Nadastrom, Alexi Delano, Dance Spirit, El Buho, and Matanza, to name a few.

Enjoy, explore, follow, and share.



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