“Bully Clouds” by HOMME – Live from the End of The World

Nosferatune Presents…

HOMME live in New Orleans. There’s this place in NOLA called the End of The World, where people gather to party at night on the grassy shores of a Mississippi curve. During the day it’s bright, but still feels colored with magic and secrecy, set back a good walk from any road or train. The echo of cargo ship horns, the wind and its peaceful breaks, the street art — it’s a new kind of favorite place. Chicago duo HOMME joined us on a windy January day to record “Bully Clouds,” a personal favorite, and it’s a beautiful and sweet and fearless live rendition. Sima and Macie’s angelic harmonies are met with seriously contemplative lyrics — what better suited place to sing “You’re happier when we are dying” than the End of The World.

Catch them live in Chicago: May 21 at The Hideout, June 13 at The California Clipper, and August 25 at Millenium Park.

Produced, Filmed, Edited by Adrienne Thomas
Assistant Camera, Location Tip – Nick Shamblott
Production Assistant – John Staughton

2 Responses to ““Bully Clouds” by HOMME – Live from the End of The World”
  1. Al says:

    when these folk playin live here in the chi?

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