Sonic Week 4.20: Op Shop


IMG_8086I am not high but I’m on top of you, your face is covered in torn shorts, I am dressed in peach lips and free from my memory. Your tongue is my summer rope, my anchor to pleasure comfort, my partner to dirty barefoot jams. I am not high but I am full of enough booze to feel waves crashing my insides into each other, making bubbles from barbecue and chaotic lives from just a drink. I’m still not high, but all I’ve got to do is imagine you and call me a cloud, then a daisy, then a frog, and off you go, seeing more of what’s always been there, like enough of this sea level bullshit.

Your low is top op height to step on, gain height from, breathe skinny air on. Rant on like your body on wrestling tongue, back home for hovering love, never resting anywhere. So high you can see tomorrow, so free to paint all the way up here, for the gazers to aspire through their smoke to be high like you. Fly ’til the boundaries of forever are built, then break it down like desert rain, whipping out the candy cream from what was once only a dream.

Sonic Week ‘Op Shop’ is sweet tea R&B, sweetly psychedelic, perfect for wandering on 4.20. This playlist features the following artists: The Library of Babel, Damancha, Jenovah, Noname Gypsy, SPZRKT, A.K. Paul, Mojek, Jean Deaux, Smino, THEMPEOPLE, Grave Goods, Lucy Stone, Innanet James, The Kount, Marvelous, AmbI Lyrics, EeMu, River Tiber, Pusha T, John Walt, Saba, Morimoto, Tennyson, Via Rosa, and Oddisee.



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