Best of Soundcloud 2015 | Sonic Week Stardom


Nosferatune ‘likes’ and Sonic Week bests have led us here, to our end of year 2015 favorites collection.

Call it the Ultimate Sonic Week Playlist, as it contains loads of future beats and hip hop diamonds, a handful of vocally dominating indie-folk gems, modern piano stories, harmonies stacked to kill — all with that Chicago Soul hugging throughout.

There are hundreds of artist in here, like Via Rosa, Sam Trump, PELL, Spooky Black, 20syl, The O’My’s, Benjha, Ravyn Lenae, Maths Time Joy, CRASHprez, Joywave, Chance The Rapper, Art Vandelay, Persian Empire, Luka, Sam Gouthro, Swindle, Homme, Beach Jesus, Brock Berrigan, yU, TheMIND, Nosaj Thing, Shigeto, River Timber, Mahaut Modino, Atellar, Monte Booker, Ta-ku, stwo, Parra for Cuva, Nicolas Jaar, Astonish, Kweku Collins, Maribou State, Donnie Trumpet, Jaden Smith, Max Cooper, Sevdaliza, Romby, Rich Jones, O Mer, and Brasstracks.

If you only recognize a few of these, chances are you’ll dig a lot more. These are mostly Chicago sounds, but listen up family style because these tracks don’t need passports to travel this Christmas — they’re all right here floating for you.

Enjoy, and follow us on Soundcloud and Facebook to get access to Sonic Week Playlists as soon as they’re out.


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