HOMME | Live & Wise at Hideout Chicago

HOMME — Sima Cunningham and Macie Stewart — performed for a sold out show at the Hideout in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood this past Tuesday night. For those who knew the duo, this steal of a show at $5 was an absolute must-see. Everyone else who ended up there left with a dazed and profound sparkle in their eye — the ladies of Homme sang like the angels of empowerment, poetically driven and free, with harmonies bold enough to crack the crystal skyline that defines this city of brilliant independent music.

Cunningham and Stewart, both rocking electric guitars and vocals, toyed with the mood in their sound with the utmost complexity and intensity — reflective of a wild and unashamed body and mind. Before you could cry warmth over their strong and gentle vocal harmonies, soft picking turned into heavy strumming and their voices cried out through the distortion to be heard in all their fear, frustration, and resolution. HOMME addresses identity and interaction in the sweetest, simplest fold of poetry — the kind all artists hope to find beyond the clutter to call an honest home.

“Woman” and “Fingerprints” are absolute standouts, and will probably be the trigger to their larger, pending fame. The set went far beyond their six-track debut (Listen below. Do it.) that surfaced last week, though. Each song brought a new concept and composition to the room, assuring us that it’s their ingenuity, not a formula, we’re so moved by.

Erin Kilmurray, one of Chicago’s most innovative choreographers and dance programmer with The Inconvenience, built a dance for an early segment of the show. Two dancing women and a playful lemon for prop added abstract symbolism and edge to the listening experience, perhaps prepping us for the velocity in store.

Try listening to “Bully Clouds” without crying. Photos from the show below. Follow HOMME.


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