Sonic Week 10.12: Dope Hope

Sonic Week Dope Hope

Wait for the day when Hope is Dope, When living air is life and up there really is just blue, And water is wet only when it’s inside of you // Crave the day that starts only when your eyes open wide, To the cue of mint breath — unopened, white, light, Soaking in presence, still twirling from gravity and a dream // Wait for the weight of hate to fall fast, to crash hard, To forget about itself like rubber soles & bobby pins, To lose faith like it never cared to have any anyway // Make the day when Hope is Dope, Where beats carry the modern love, and we love love, love, When fly is up and up is sky, We move together through the high, We Build, Synch and Fly, High Cry on the peaks of every cloud kangaroo and soldier stomping by /

This Sonic Week Playlist houses R&B, hip hop, and sexy beat featurettes from these musical artists:  Pell, Fitzroy, Jai Dee, Gramatik, STWO, Rosie Lowe, Via Rosa, TheMind, Netherfriends, Monte Booker, Swindle, Ravyn Lenae, Tennis Shoes, Knxwledge, Jesse James Solomon, Chance The Rapper, Noname Gypsy, Anigma


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