VIDEO PREMIERE: Chicago Fresh Ep2: Shlick Smit


He hops from coast to coast, but holds strong connections in Chicago along the way. Meet Shlick Smit, an MC with a mission to express himself through rhythm and poetry if nowhere else will listen. On the daily, he works his flow with others to BUILD like it’s never been done before, leaving each town better off than it was before. In this episode of Nosferatune’s Chicago Fresh, listen to Shlick Smit riff with Benny Els and explain hip hop cyphers before he performs a live version of his unreleased track, “On Tour.”

Check out Internet Music, Shlick Smit’s most recent release featuring The Palmer Squares, Benny Els, Lars Viola, Dalton O’Brien, Articulate Advocates, Aleyes B, Eiren (Insanity), Catharsis(Insanity), Phil Gonzo(Insanity), and Jordan Wilson. Click SOUNDCLOUD for more music.

Check out Chicago Fresh’s premiere episode, TENNIS SHOES.


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