Sonic Week 8.25: Burning Up

Must cook if we want to eat. Let the world be simple again.

Photo by Benjamin Roy

Photo by Benjamin Roy

I am constantly chasing the itch to self-discover, to learn from potential negatives by never accepting their definition as such as the definitive point of anything. The point is no point is known, and to consider each point a point is to lose the individual value of everything.

Let me tell you a storyLost in Idaho or Utah or Nevada at night, we coasted quickly through the dead wheat fields that bordered healthy Western crop from dry, cracked desert ground. Nobody goes here, there is no noise and no light to lead the way. Peeling and screeching passed grazing roadside deer and jackrabbits, the world above was made of bats and stars. Fucking stars. All of them, I’m convinced, were packed and pulsing with hot power, gravitational dust and fires whipping all earthly contexts out to space, screaming at us to just be here. So we laid ourselves in the middle of the road to watch the lucid universe expand.  

Lost still, we found Montello. Its tiny gas station was closed, but the bar was lit next door and hooked the sign, “Montello: The Town that Refuses to Die.” We drank beers and met the town, population 84, who smoked beside us and became our kind friends for the night. One man walked home to gather a few gallons of gas for us, so our journey pushed forward again, in the spirit of transient appreciation and a luck so overwhelming that it began to grow with internal grace and transform.

106 mi to the next service station and two caravanning cars lost and on empty, but the only error here would be to discard these circumstances as a drag or fodder for fuckup and failure. On this road, mistakes became the next adventure. If we can contemplate life as significantly more unknown than the ghost roads of obsolete America, then the routes to pleasure and meaning truly are endless, and we have absolutely nothing to fear.


Burning Man on the mind and chill vibes to caress you on a chilly day by the following artists: Ravyn Lenae, Monte Booker, Holy Rain, Sevdaliza, Dallas Cotton, Activia Benz, Rosie Lowe, Workers, Ouska, Ruff Draft, Ateller, O MER, Jesse James Solomon, Slidecamp, Jonwayne, Shigeto, Knxwledge, Aerocity, Kenton Slash Demon, and Pharoah Sanders


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