Sonic Week 8.13: Trip Tree / Tennessee

Sonic Week Tree Tennessee Hip Hop

We roll and we bounce, we glide and we cut up on this floating rock that pulses with trend and tension and flavor. Everything’s to miss when there’s something everywhere, where levels and consistency are fierce with inconsistencies, where too much is not enough for you. As we whimper over nothing real, the sun will fog and botch the watercolors of rain until the sky keeps grey and you’re happy every day.

Freedom is a beat with a mood waving about the game of forest trees, scraping off chips of drum brush bark and whistling through the chaotic collaboration of stalks and branching wood. The trees sing to us — you or I or whoever there are the only ones who hear each bar of it. Among this infinite potential lies freedom from construct and love for the patterns of everything, chiming soft or strong out every saturated soul.

Humanity — the melody, a cry inside a planetary playpen — never stops looking for a hit of unfamiliar pleasure. I am wandering, I am lost. Lead my bunch of tapping toes to space where silence roars.

This multi-mood hip hop playlist is the product of confused love and delectable beats by the following producers and MC’s: Frank Leone, the MIND, Michael da Vinci, Akenya, GDNA, Chelsea Reject, Romby, ProbCause, Drew Mantia, Will is Chillin’, Serious Klein, Rascal, Lil B, Chance The Rapper, Saba, Eryn Allen Kane, MC Tree, Rejjie Snow, AJ Suede, Horse Head, Netherfriends, Monster Mike, Drummer, Carter Lang, Rappcats, Madlib, Jarreau Vandal, Monte Booker, Stefan Ponce, and I Self Devine.


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