PHOTOS: The O’My’s @ Wicker Park Fest 2015

Every time I see The O’My’s, I wonder how their sound hasn’t looped around the world yet. Chicago hardly even knows about how good this music is — Wicker Park Fest might’ve been packed last Saturday, but these six brass-crooning, soul-feelin’ purveyors of modern blues deserve a larger audience for the vibes they throw down live.

Maceo Haymes’ voice permeates the air with the clear force of passion, pain and pleasure equally fronted by a brassy rasp that takes us back to sepia times. Keyboardist Nick Hennessey jams beside Haymes with a style somewhere between ballpark nostalgia and the summer’s sexy, seamless vibrato. Boyang Matsapola dominates the bass guitar, punctuating their fashionably late rhythms in tune with drummer Baron Golden. William Miller on trumpet and Erick Mateo on tenor sax play the part of swaying back-up singers, chiming in with vocal harmonies and brass solos on the most timely, romantic whims.

The O’My’s are Chicago’s magical mood beasts, bound to impact a pinch of positivity at every corner ’round the world they come. Check out photos from the Wicker Park Fest set below. New York City, catch their first headlining show at SOB’s with ProbCause this Thursday, July 30. “Let it Rain” below is from their Keeping The Faith EP out earlier this year. Dive into more here.


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