Sonic Week 7.9: Welling Weight


Pressure is more than a thought at blue dawn, more than the wet weight of coffins on an overlooked night, more than simple sadness or veiled stimuli. It is not simple and it has no concern for you. It is a hounding beat that spins around the corners of your tea and simple pleasant. It wraps around you with tight veins and live wires, powered by the exponential weight of doubt and time that hides in a day. It rests on lakes that blend life still, it lives to burn the rippling hearts that stream for rhythms and flow. It is the horizon that changes colors too slowly to see. It sits back and watches from inside calm eyes, forming fear with engine blinks. It is self-worth dimmed by self-hate, it is a product and victim of the unguided, onerous soul.

This place is heavy, wound too tight that water can’t relieve or breathe. Brightness wrapped with Elmer twine and terrified. This place feels forever, and in this world it can be.

These sounds are the rusty gears of living motion, seeking new in the only boundless sky and crooked fire. Ever is the journey to a place not as heavy and tight and roaring with density. Dry is the place in the sun, juices raging bright and silently inside, dusty and clean, bold as the key to freedom gleams for us to keep moving on.

Welling Weight is a collection of unique and experimental rhythms and electronic sound. Depending on the mood, it can disorient or console your space of mind. Consider it a trip. Featured musicians: Title, Eemu, Waelder, Max Cooper, Katherine deBoer, Persian Empire, Son Lux, afallentree, ATELLER, Benjha, and Saaj.

Many thanks to Cosmonostro, the best label for discovering thoughtful music to share.


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