Title: Memories


Sparkle and simplicity; pleasant layers build out the girth of this Cosmonostro spirit collection by Toon Janssens, the Belgian producer better known to the world as Title. Memories is his first big batch of fresh music this year, home on the label that’s gaining incredible fan love for putting out some of the weirdest and wildest genre-bending beauty this side of the electronic plains: Jaze Baqti’s quiet and eclectic Sound Museum, Persian Empire’s percussive flair on Mongo Maracuja, the future clean beats of Ouska’s Nota Bene, and Walkingshoe, the hip hop backdrop all rappers are cryin’ for. Cosmonostro has an ear for beautiful sound innovation and we’re following close behind, grateful and excited for each curated drop. This is the good stuff, beat sifting made easy— death to over-saturation and parades of the same sound!

“Dreams” and “Memories” launch mood like waking up the morning vacation begins. Elation and drive unite with beats so fresh that Memories doesn’t seem to fit its name, but perhaps someone else’s memory is new to us in this sound. “Wake Up” is the balance act; grounding tones that tame the pace and soft, brushing melodies that center our heads forward now open our hearts to future chaos, for now we are seasoned and fearless by the comfort of wild noise.

Even its urgency feels relaxed. Progressions sound like stoned explorers rather than pacing players of a musical team. Sounds are bound to no place, instead I like to imagine they smile and choose to live there.

The marriage of precision and new beauty is rare, and what a specimen it is. Enjoy the stream below and download for €1 on Bandcamp.


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