Sonic Week 6.9: Somber Glow


When you find yourself sunk—wrapped in blankets and dreamy tapestries, smelling the world you can’t quite see—consider not what is missing in that time. Why search for what lacks where you’ve found an idyllic home for thought, a nook in time more precious than most to you, solemn blanket being, because it is entirely yours. Weave that pensive wisdom through the patchwork of your throw, and revel in detachment like the astronauts or farmers pictured heartily gazing over land too big to know distraction. When in life are we free from our surroundings?

In this world, color is lost to skies of throbbing fire and star juice feeds only very distant flames. Small, humming night lights and the moon that straddles across your pane make fertile beds for iridescent solitude, and in this precious time the soul can grow, silence is active, and the hours are strong. Though so many days are taken from us, at least now they have passed, replaced with new space for us to be and be well. Time glows on quietly in your careful care, so love the time you’re in when and then and there.

This slow flow hip hop playlist builds like a fiery mind on heavy rest, and features the following artists: Kehlani, Stwo, Vicktor Taiwo, Solomon, Supa Bwe, Rich Jones, iLLeeT, Spooky Black, Bobby Raps, Corbin, Ackryte, Lucki Eck$, Monte Booker, Ravyn Lenae, Jordan Elgie, Chance the Rapper, RJD2, STSEryn Allen Kane, Odd Couple, The O’My’s, Kweku Collins, Jack Red, GRANATA, FloFilz, wun two, mtbrd, Duzzo Dave, Mickey Factz, Sam Gouthro, B 3 N B I, and MIYNT.


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