Sonic Week 5.5: Crispy Fuck


Mornin’ sugar. Eat your coffee and drink your honey. Yawn and bark and growl and spit, ’cause not a man like this since…

Spend a whole day without talking and your thoughts can lay dormant, unexposed to alteration like a child learning literature and science in the confines of social solitude. Spend an evening deep in love and your mind is soaked in drugs, blinding pleasure and pheromones sliding over the peaks of feeling until your place in space conceals itself. Spend the night swinging moves to music, with strangers that smell like foul flowers and mystery, until the morning grey light sips you to sleep. Track beats that catch up with you and keep them around for as long as they dance, but always keep eye to frequencies that find you looking in from below. Home is a target we never hit, a push and a glide in feeling or a sleepy, subtle day that rocks the motion of your year. Home is never home unless we’re still heading there.

Featured artists in this week’s beats & rhymes hip hop playlist: Earthgang, Mac Miller, Shine, Chester Watson, Psymun, Art Vandelay, Ravyn Lenae, Monte Booker, Jonwayne, Anderson Paak, TeephRhetoric, deM atlaS, Brock Berrigan, Monster Mike, Owen Bones, Netherfriends, Bruce Bayne, Kay Franklin, and Gabriel Garzón-Montano.


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