Sonic Week 4.6: Layered State


His dreams, as they looked to her beside him, were full of mismatched anxiety. Fears rearranged under flickering eyelids, former relationships and failures weaving the texture of his subconscious mind. There are active functions shifting in these observable moments between sleep and waking. As sleep initiates his escape from common reality, dreams ping push him through the deep-eyed tunnels of his crowded memory.

These scenes, on high speed sink to sleep, blur and intersect with a heavy desire for rest. Though he might lay to rest with pleasant thoughts of her from long ago, he dreams now of sharp neon scars and exhibition monsters rearing up from her curvy, murmuring lips. In this world, red is 492° F and passion is an oval presence we walk through for bonus cherry points. She is a new being, this time created entirely by his mind, only existing as she had before in small and insignificant capacity. She is a vision of his tunnel lane drip, a litmus test stuck on his wet tongue that reads rainbow dawn from a million hypothetical mornings. What are these vivid memories, he’ll wonder when he wakes.

And while his body quivers and twitches and grins, she watches, intent to assume her own story of his subconscious experience. She’ll imagine his nonexistant pasts and the ethereal composite of everything, or the characters he’s meeting that might carry resemblance to her. Her ripe curiosity is an adventure too, a full-time story built by lingering intuitions and the theme of every thought and feeling she has ever had for him. She is a conscious dreamer, affected by her own creations that carry the truth of nothing certain alongside the emotion of a nightmare meant to be felt again one day.

A thousand realities exist on their train car today, and how beautiful thoughts are when cultivated by superfood sound. This Sonic Week features music from Annabel (lee), Satori, Art Vandelay, Ogi feel the Beat, Joey Pecoraro, Maribou State, Nikita Bondarev, Trashlagoon, Parra for Cuva, NieveSuperpoze, LAPIS, and Benoit Pioulard.


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