The Chaos & Unconventional Beauty of DADRAS


This is what we mean when we ask for something new. A mint lineup of sounds that wax and wane from left to on point, an indecisive strength that screams like radical harvest on the DL. Loud dubs and heavy noise, unrestrained and graciously so.

A warm tempo and rising wild on “Faust” feel the way that The Field and early Dan Deacon used to make us feel, dancing manic on beaches under the Barcelona sun. “Empty Lungs” is on par with the zany wanders that poured down on us like melting gold rain from Swindle last year. The torrential NYC producer DADRAS is experimenting with our playful inner child and simultaneously raging desire to exist inside rhythm and centered movement.

DADRAS is about cradling progression and joining his distorted vocals to the wacky tempos that mostly he creates. Admired by prog rapper Le1f and the bustling listeners over at Earmilk, the musician is currently riding a dough drop wave of fabulous releases, exposing and teasing us in one stomping big city breath.

DADRAS’ first EP in 2012 reveals that he’s known his style for quite some time, but I’d vouch for RUBAIYAT I (Out on March 30 via Connect Records NYC and Bandcamp for $9) being a more mature and cleaner expression of the dragons inside. Catch what Earmilk calls a crazy show at Union Pool in Brooklyn on April 8th. To take a glimpse of what abrasive meeting meditation might look like, check out the short trailer for RUBAIYAT I below.


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