Sonic Week 3.9: Blueberry Punch


Punctual breaths, heating lips and roaring mouths, crying for love or change or both, sipping smoothies through the paranoia in a candy game mall. Eyes shift to the angle of vibration taking shape in conversation’s space. Find the source and shake it off but nothing catches spray, droplets stagnant in space time freeze for the duration of an infinite breath.

Drop down, crystallized, punched into cement with blueberry stained fists, young and fueled but to a bloody fault. That sweet and salty crunch is the flavor of immediacy and need, satisfied now but bored soon after and often.

I’ve been tryin’ to film pleasure with my eyes wide shut. I can’t be there with you but I can dream. Catch the wave, darling stock slumber thought. Take off my shoes and build my fantasy. Scream midnight soul wanders to the curious future waveform. Be wild impact. Sell stock to your dream. Death is always leaning towards the horizontal sun, the start and end to warmth as far as we might ever see. Live for noon and the average day. Walk to move through pleasures that quietly rage, like a wet breeze in Texas or the peculiar shapes of bushes and breasts and clouds. Blueberry perfume, aisle 1 on sale, spill and then she’s free.

Featured: Mahaut Mondino, Nosaj Thing, The O’My’s, Chance the Rapper, Ta-ku, Jaden Smith, CRASHprezaFaLL3NTr33, Joywave, Mick Jenkins, Little Simz, folkestadd, L’Orange, Jeremiah Jae, Billy Woods, yU, Nottz, and walkingshoe.


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