OSLO- Volume One


Slow and steady sounds are arranged for gentle pleasure on OSLO‘s newest set of songs, Volume One. The City By Night (hear: beauty by Selerac) release blows dust from window sills in the same measure that it triggers our arduous exploration of pain. It is calm, intent on pondering battered and buried musings only after ample reflection, allowing beauty to finally transcend the dirt. The dreary tempo tilt is bent to let grey tones slide to the sides, slow now as if the color has just learned to respect and appease gravity on this tiny mass of earth.

Although the somber fades of Volume One distract from our timeless enjoyment of it, there are no ominous intentions present. Listening to ambient pounds repeat themselves on “The Other One” is like hearing a sensory confession or the blurry guise of some victimized force; we feel for this music maybe even more than we do for its creator. OSLO’s signature unwind of steady major or minor chords into off-key, dissonant decay- a characteristic consistent on almost every track of Volume One– paints a sentimental experience for listeners. As tracks like “Paper Houses” and “Undisclosed” wither away in safety and tone, garage noise expands the chaos into what resembles a faltering electronic sound source. Although electronic elements are typically difficult to relate to, these sounds express one interpretation of electronic death. They manage to inspire empathy in listeners, surpassing the initial discomfort and delusions of wanderlust tones and bass spread like butter. This music lives through the emotion that it fuels, like Immunity on eternal repeat, slowly slowing as the wiring wears, cased and mourned, dead and gone and warm.

Favorites are “Streetwalker,” “Paper Houses,” and “Sleepwalker.” Check out OSLO’s trippy video edits for “Seven” via Youtube. License this music on the cheap via The Music Bed. Purchase Volume One for less than $10 via Bandcamp.


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