Sonic Week 1.15: Rubber Funk


Blue and White spotlights center on life. The sun dies under scorn, bare and barely there, leaving only the sympathy of tunnels to twist by your side. The world is dull, almost black and white, blocked by numbing rumbles above and a forgotten love for saturated days. The world needs spinning and shakes and violent pains and aches to play the track that paints pride like a morning serenade. This is the kind of shit Rubber Funk designs freedom for.

Ripping seams reveal gold and belts break with red and green fibers, sprouting feverish rays of personality we’d do well to suck on like a big butterscotch lollipop. Invisible fears scatter like dust from the mantel every week. Soft frowns wipe to the ground where vestigial trinkets go to become past and die from unimportance. These friends deliver messages in your favor, wrapping passion up pretty and flinging it like a sponge into your long winter bath. Listen slow; it’s sometimes soft, but that’s what empty houses and packed cars and big personality volume knobs are for. Teeter and tilt, eat cake and slide into your fluorescent fate, ass bruised and two legs disappearing up your future mountain freedom.

Featuring Ace da Vinci, Jamila Woods, deM atlaS, Kaytranada, ZHU, Goldlink, Rashiid, Astonish, Saba, Lucki Eck$, Psymun, tiiiiiiiiiip, Chester Watson, Dirty Chocolate, and Chance the Rapper.


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