PHOTOS: Auggie the 9th, Blakass Westley, Rich Jones at Tonic Room 12.17.14

Auggie the 9th, Blakass Westley, and DJ Miranda rocked a tight-knit house this past Wednesday at Tonic Room. Jumping on stage after Ace da Vinci, they opened for Rich Jones (of Second City Citizens) and The Whoevers, stitching a fine night in the fabric of Chicago’s rich hip hop scene. The bar stage, standing less than one foot above the floor, immediately blurred as the audience joined Auggie and Wes on stage to freestyle a few bars, dance on the energy, and rile the flow of music up & out the box.

Every act indirectly addressed Chicago’s pain and violence with a beautiful take on the opposite: an overwhelming presence of positivity. Auggie and Wes riffed on “spread the love” until it smeared thick and chunky all around the room. Good vibes permeated Tonic’s tiny bar hall and the audience got a little bit closer with every hype track and $3 Heaven Hill shot. New friends and a flourishing niche of quality local music is why I’ll be checking out many more of these nights in the near future. Check out some photos of Auggie, Wes, and Rich magic below:


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