Sonic Week 12.17: Pining for White


Sugar foam ‘tween my teeth, I sit in this peeling lamp corner and watch the variables nestle like puzzle pieces into my mind, sweet scent centered and cool as ganache in this fine, sliding moment. I’ve got my personal missiles on lock, cornered in the quiet heat of ceramic comfort. I am open to adventure, calm now to cradle exploration and engage in surreal sonic travel. Confusion and wonder and slanted gratification crown proudly through the daily haze, riding on blue and black vessels into deep space. Students of the caramel universe: slow down and go along with.

If in this world a melody can determine mood, then beats explore and embrace that mood. The pockets of bliss and buckets of sad drawn from poignant melodies live inside clever beats and rhythms; they develop with rainy bass drums and long, hollow ripples. Percussion is simply space for tone to reverberate within, stretching out the pace and amplifying the resonation from which we feel melody and mood. Clip worries from the Big Dark and hold them up to the burning sun. Imagination becomes the indulgent explorer. Peek into every door you pass; the hallway is long, but treasure is infinite and time is as long as you want it to be.


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