PHOTOS: Tennis Shoes Live at Empty Bottle 12.10.14

The Empty Bottle this past Wednesday opened house to a vibrant community of local hip hop enthusiasts. J.A. Grimms & Blacknight, Solarfive, and David Ashley (of Chi collective Jody) brought their energy to the small, cool-lit stage of Western Avenue’s coziest dive venue. Fans caught and drove the night, jumping in squads of ecstasy and supporting their crews with all the right lyrics. It was a party and everyone knew each other by the end of the night. This is the way Chicago’s hip hop community rolls.

Tennis Shoes, headed here by Enrico Armani, curated and closed the show with a soft and sweet parade of alt rap serenades, though he shook up his sneaks and got us dancing, too. His no-boundaries, intuitive take on writing music has been for the most part kept under wraps this year, but his song, video, and artistic endeavors are building fast and seriously impressive. Catch those emotions seep through our photos from the show, Enrico’s finest performance yet:


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