Selerac- Automated Weather Information


Selerac creates a gorgeous blend of serenity on Automated Weather Information, its second release on UK electronic label City by Night Records. Reminding us of the wild beauty brought forth 14 years ago by furiously sleeping green duo The Books, Selerac also feels the weight of expression hard, picking up sky trails left by post-rock heros Sigur Ros and Explosions in the Sky. The album spans an impressive range, incorporating big ambiance, drum and bass, and muffled electronica to the key of our collective, heart-strung core.

Selerac pilots gaseous blends on this tranquil strip of browns and oranges and dark glowing greens, stripping down pieces of the atmosphere to share that perfect morning high. It’s fit for a night of dreaming: wandering through majestic scenes to bow-on-metal brushes and lush vocal samples; fighting desert dragons to crashing bags of beat on concrete, dream-land stars. Play for prime studying flow too, front to back, and break with scattered sound bite interludes for contemplation and inspiration.

Favorites: “Driving To Nowhere” “How To Ponder While Falling” “The Things Sky Children See”

Lovers of the decadently weird, check out some of Selerac’s wilder side.

Stream Automated Weather Information via Soundcloud below. Purchase for £4/$6 via Bandcamp.


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