Sonic Week 10.31: Nosferatu


Like nightmares on vinyl or spinning screams on cassette, sinister circles on backs or a foggy full moon hanging above, something murky finds a place to hide just out of reach from our minuscule sensory scan. From tones that rattle the bones to scars that escape our memory, life is scary and life is elusive, trucking on through deep dark fields past occasional lights from train boy torches and local lust lounges.

Where are you if not right here; you are a blank space that fills a black sky, a gone, a past, a floater beyond my mental grasp- a something I’m sure, though I can’t ever be sure. An evaporating pond, that present day dissolved. A scary sentiment to some, a strong and transformative plea for presence to others. Freedom is the back hand of fear, stroll around the reasons and satiate.


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