Persian Empire- Mongo Maracuja


Persian Empire is Sam Khatam, a young German producer who builds harmonic compositions with home recordings, edited samples, synths, deep bass beats and manipulated vocals. His sounds lend familiarity to the elegant electronic complexion of producers like N’to, Son Lux and Jai Paul, but his rhythms and cuts paint a unique tint for that fresh audio dopamine drop.

Persian Empire expresses the expanding potential for sound manipulation via the home studio- the tinkerings of modern music’s upcoming producers- and the boundaries of genres that cease stature in the shadow of experimental audio, a process much kinder to the creative soul. Mongo Maracuja was released by Persian Empire earlier this month on a contemporary netlabel from France, Cosmonostro, which hosts a platform designed as a gallery for the modern music enthusiast. Other label artists construct an ambient, estranged beat-making experimental bunch, notably including Ouska, Jenovah, Phazz and Paul Chin.

Music full of mystery and equally rich in overexposure, Mongo Maracuja drips with magnifying degrees of dissonance into the babbling geyser pits which steam its own signature chop & melody quandary. The title track from the 4-track release is composed of minimal, easily definable layers which wax louder and bigger until their individual nests merge into one gradual crescendo chamber, a simple and sturdy homage to James Blake and the tried truth that music which grows around us also grows inside us.

“TO NA BI” stands out with crisp hip hop delays and cheeky percussive add-ons, glowing with melodic blood through its experimentally weaving veins, keeping the attention of even the most waywardly interested listeners. Through the simplicity of Persian Empire’s blanket layers, songs see heavy change from the slightest, most isolated manipulations. Opening track “Jugo” plays with organ and piano riffs over a static and contained crusade of swelling synths, an apparently winning combination in a new age of experimental electronic, Shlohmo/SOHN/Disclosure-loving 20-somethings.

Enjoy the EP below. Download at your choice of price on Bandcamp.


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