Sonic Week 9.16: Burning Time


You saturate my mind you divine thrust you blue-eyed guide to my level up you place to step in and stay for a while. Timelessly, effortlessly walking through spaces that only ever exist right now with knots grown from sleepy, bent up nerves. Vow for immediacy, forever and never again, for sucking the colors and mood of life in with eyes and unknown energy receptors, keen and mysterious gods within us they are. Love for every stare, every silent conversation and everything around you because it’s all there, all of the time, waiting for the magic of existence to churn triviality into human compassion.

Music as always is one way to reinvent a perspective. Walk your walk with provocative ear drugs and see those suburban ponds with the same intensity you do all 136 square miles of Yellowstone Lake, and your world will be glorious. Magical. Significant through mundane moods and routine-induced slumps, stimulating and monstrous as the big footwork beats align with scrambling eggs or shaving legs. Good to become the greatest form of external reinvention ever to find within ourselves, easy and consuming, lovely, rich and ambient mush to play with and love through.

Rant, write, listen, travel, listen, write, burn, listen.


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