Sonic Week 8.5: Sensory Sap


To be so lucky to be so lucky. Ushered by warm silence through doors creaking with intention to fasten a mood to your spongy shell, and while it drips its potency reveals itself, sharing tremendous power and potential beside the equally harrowing shards of fear: don’t tip toe through the years.

We wander inside music’s spaceless chambers, provoked to daydream on the beat’s watch and imagine the life of a sound. Auditory is a gateway sense to imaginary worlds, no less real though than an especially vivid dream or the surreal state of grieving thought.

There’s solace inside the doors, the mind trips and expands while connecting sounds to emotions for a clarified take on what it means to sense.¬†Teach me to make sense out of life’s floating mystery treats, draw me closer to moments of verifiable connection before tomorrow’s gusting wrath wipes a clean and silent slate again. Paint me current, lace my toes in acetone until my head aces four, forward.



One Response to “Sonic Week 8.5: Sensory Sap”
  1. I read this and said “this is why I write music” out loud. Truly brilliant.

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