Sonic Week 7.23: Lost Digger


Lost Diggers search like nomadic animals on unpaved plains, living for nothing, experiencing everything, no goal in mind except new sights on the way. They rely on patience and faith to find big rare fruits in unexplored territories. Go spin change, go be change, go. Lost Digger opens with a fresh glitch treasure by FatRon and Ayomari, “Palm Trees & Swishers.” Rapping about blunts is shallow but the beat here is carefree gold, fine for comforting any beginning to lost.

Jakarta Records‘ forthcoming compilation “Summer In Jakarta” is a collection of unreleased music from artists such as 20Syl, Ta-ku, IAMNOBODI, Mura Masa, Suff Daddy, FloFilz, Guts, and Farhot. Favorites from the teaser are “Miss You” by Mura Masa and “V1M” by 20syl, both of which paint very special instrumental hip hop beats all over our gawky, craved-out faces.

Like melodies rubbed in wonder: soulful samples from Flamingosis on “Spinning Top” add an additional layer to Sola Rosa‘s original Latin-flared funk track of the same name. Australia’s coasts are so obviously brimming with talent these days; it’s as if sound waves connect to ocean waves and course finally on to our local radio waves. The world is connected both by intentional reach and fascinating mysteries of accidental origin- coincidental crossings every moment that affect the course of whatever follows.

On Monday we heard from Jonwayne: “I’m going to be dropping a rap song every Monday until I don’t feel like it anymore.” The first is “No,” a string of comical confrontations with criticism; its verses express apathetic confidence over a dime J Dilla beat. A favorite stanza: “The whole community wants to keep me in the mud/But you can’t put a silencer up on this .38 Snub/I’m loud and I’m proud, there’s the rub, there’s the rub/Yeah, you know I got more funk in my prose/Than all the fucking farts that you ever smelt through your nose/So who gives a shit if I’m rocking sandals at shows/I’m fucking in them too, now you know.”

Chicago beatmaker Lasko recently released his debut tribute to roots hip hop, jazzis. It’s a beautiful collection of instrumentals with a few local MC exceptions. “Asinine” features Monster Mike, Frank Leone, and Kolby Woods. Sampling The Notorious B.I.G. for a big, big win is Cookin’ Soul and Dutch rap queen MC Melodee– the brain is “A Terrible Thing to Waste.” Dilated Peoples and Aloe Blacc bring big energy on “Show Me the Way,” the newest single from DP’s full release coming this August on Rhymesayers. LawThaDragon is another budding Chicago rapper with extra classy beat choices (I.B. Classic on “Elevated”) backing up his quick and scenic flow. weirddough wanders through sunny sample arrangements on “d o o w h o p,” and Lost Digger finishes with kcwor‘s short and vibing glitter piece “keeep.”

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