Sonic Week 7.15: Beats for Heat

Good things to remember during the warm, outdoor, adventurous seasons: that place you’re late to isn’t actually missing you; thinking of nothing but the sun and the sky for a day is good for everything; your stress is entirely manufactured, false to the core in its malicious and unnecessary disrupt of now. Follow moments around like a rhythm; explore beats & bits as they dictate time(lessness) to you. As all great people say, let the music set you free.


French producer Ousko (popularizing among others the “Buy a beat!” tag) arranges freshness around a hoppy piano riff on “Tcha Cha Cha.” Sublime July Soundcloud find Chester Watson raps deep-toned emotion under a striking and prodigious flow. “Creep” is a relatively new track from the 17-year, followed by the  Japanese dirt hop producer Youtaro grounding a rusty beat for Watson on “andromida.” Next, a sexy serenade from Majid Jordan, the vocalist who gained popularity singing the chorus on Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home.”

Heavenly magnets attract two of today’s most captivating smooth sound warriers; rapper Goldlink and down-tempo R&B producer/Bon Iverian coo-er Chet Faker loop their talents together for a sound truly new to both on “On Again.” “beat.1” shows the brimming talents of Australian producer Jacques Emery. NOISEY/Vice-sponsored series Live From the Streets released their first Mr. Green-produced episode last week titled “Clap” featuring Freddie Gibbs, Chill Moody, Apollo the Great and Espiritu Andino. Check the new video on MTV to see Mr. Green record buskers, step-by-step sample on his homeboy DAW Maschine, and team with rappers to create fresh tracks.

Promnite amps up Tory Lanez’s lustful “Unity,” and Action Bronson contributes to Chicago’s Closed Sessions release Potholes in My Sessions with the upbeat summer score “Blackbird,” twirled and funked further by Equalibrum. Finally, another Watson verse, this time over the thumpy Glass Animals single “Gooey.”


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