Sonic Week 6.26: Moody Stunk


First, peer in on an MC that takes traditional music promotion and pees on it. If you’re sick of something, do your part to relieve the world of it- for Phedee, Soundcloud prank tags and intrinsically sarcastic branding got the independent MC the attention of Irish doom rapper Rejjie Snow (“Pancakes”– check it out) and lean lo-fi hip hop spitter 2ndNature. The magnetic “1992” is a clear tribute to early hip hop productions, topped with that fresh and personal garnish we want but don’t know how to ask for.

Chicago hip hop label Closed Sessions (past collabs: Raekwon, Action Bronson, Vic Mensa, Roc Marciano, Tree, Fashawn, Blu) put out Alex Wiley’s Village Party this month, showcasing Wiley’s beat connections and industry guru status. “Forever” features the phenomenal Mick Jenkins for a verse and Sunny Dukes on production, building bounce on top of ominous pleas for a severely captivating listen.

Experimental electronic producer 20syl creates “Kodama,” an infectious instrumental that like so many, feels designed for hip hop collaboration. It stands vividly alone though, as does the music video: “a roller coaster between reality and magic.” Chicago hip hop label favorite Stank Face Records grooves onward with Slug-like flow on Paul Oh & Will is Chillin’s “If The Shoe Fits,” off the crisp soul-refinery, antiques roadshow, sample-driven mixtape 3424. London’s Little Simz absolutely kills the vacant female airwaves with “Desire.” Spring 2014 flaunts a crew of sturdy hip hop mixtapes- Simz’ grave and huge talent on E.D.G.E. core to the platter.

Moody Good, a former collaborator with Björk, heads up a solo self-titled debut this month. Dense, grimy and authoritative, Moody Good LP scrapes head first in alleyway gravel while shaking bass from the sky. “Grumbles n Sparkles” features the fact compatibility of Rejjie Snow and Joshua Idehen, scary and intriguing, tint scaling higher than Björk: “Your nightmares were our bedtime fables/Double barrel on the dinner table/Next to the spoon, and the fork and the knives/Pray to god to bless the food and spare your lives.”

Black Milk reminds us what Detroit is made of on every release; “What It’s Worth” is a successful tease- catch a show this summer with his band Nat Turner. LA’s K. Rudd (past collabs: Ryan Hemsworth, Shlohmo) blows up with “The Roots” this month, a breezy love jam nicely timed with sunny solstice days. Massive throwback from Teebs and Captain Murphy Music (Flying Lotus) on “The Prisoner,” a song that proves sublime one year since its release, stressing the meditative mantra, “all these demons from my past appear ’cause I invited them.” Another track from Wiley’s Village Party, “Village Party II Intro” is pleasantly swarming with curious melody references, making it one of the more interesting ‘intermission’ style bits around.

North Carolina rapper J.K. Reaper brings youthful velocity to sparse trap beats on “Fountain of Youth.” “Baby I just wanna swim in it, she act like I wanna live in it,” Reaper raps about feeling trapped, poor, and resentful towards his world, a position and place formally denounced in this breakthrough track. Moody Good wraps up with a compositional time portal, the sounds of a lively ghost ship or a dream glitching through to consciousness on “Eulogy For the Caretaker.”



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