Riding Frequencies with Fyu-Jon


A member of Brighton’s wavy electronic music scene, Fyu-Jon (Luke Thomas) produces music on wandering, emotive, and dark function mode. Melodies maintain but take form in odd scrapyard bass chunks and punchy percussion samples. Fyu-Jon’s music is minimal but saturated, building with eccentric soundbites not unlike the swelling synths in a Caribou song or the crossfade from hollow to crisp engendered by The Books.

Wilderness, his debut album from 2013, is almost entirely made up of breaks. Something stronger always feels like it’s coming, but the elements he builds on are never dropped with absolution. They’re kept around, clung to linger like the waves that they’re made of, fading out and re-emerging beneath dynamic distortions and intriguing, abstract vocal samples.

Possibly creating a more complex listening experience than his more popular hometown counterpart Phoria, Fyu-Jon has surpassed the initial wrestling stages of composition. Though the producer says he is still finding his sound (the road from tech-house DJ to electronica producer takes time, he notes), this lack of defined direction might be the source of his music’s beauty. His songs are not restrained by any apparent structure and reflect a style and mood building towards Immunity– so successfully daring that some might mistake it for cautious.

His latest, “Dark Rings,” is what I imagine the calm eye of a fervid storm sounds like. It’s set to be released on the almost completed Eclosion EP, which FJ tells us we can expect very soon. Hit that follow to stay looped in.

fyu-jon background


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