VIDEO: The Meta Modular Project

The Meta Modular Project is an experiment in redefining musical collaboration. Inspired by Moogfest’s interactive design, this project recorded sound clips from festival goers experimenting on equipment inside the Modular Marketplace. All audio tracks recorded were then sent to music producers to create an original Moogfest song. The results are true examples of crowdsourcing sounds, music inspired by curiosity and the energy emanating from festivals- proof that we can all contribute to musical creation. The Meta Modular Project chronicles the potential of collaborative sound spaces and the human core of electronic movement.



Watch music transform from amateur sound play (original recordings here) to professional productions (final mixes here). All audio inside was created during and shortly after Moogfest 2014 in Asheville, North Carolina by the following musical players:

Y Diz     Walker Farrell     Justin and Thom of BURNKIT2600

Veronica     Patrick Moore     Jacob Troutt     Suzi Analogue     Chloe Saavedra

Jake Metz     Oko Yono     RBTS Win

Special thanks to Moogfest, The Modular Marketplace, Make Noise, Super Synthesis, Switched On, Bleep Labs, and BURNKIT2600. Thanks to RBTS Win for the amazing conversation that found home in narrating this piece, and to the overwhelming omnipresence of positive energy in Asheville and all new friends within.

-Adrienne &  Tiffany


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